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Almost 50% of people will lose one or more adult teeth at some point in their life. Unfortunately, when a tooth is lost, the effects can be far-reaching and cause:

Fortunately, at Maryborough Dental, we offer high-tech and modern dental implants that are strong, stable, durable, natural-looking, and functional. Implants restore your ability to eat, speak, smile, and live with confidence.

Types of dental implants

Single and Multiple Implants

A popular choice to restore your beautiful smile is through single or multiple implants; a permanent solution and a wonderful investment if you lose a tooth or teeth through decay, injury, or otherwise. For some patients, extraction of single or multiple teeth may be necessary before starting the procedure based on the condition of teeth.

Full Mouth Implants (All-on-Four Implants)

All-on-four implants are a revolutionary technique that permanently restores the function and appearance of your smile with just All-on-four dental implants. The All-on-four dental implants support a brand new top and bottom arch that can restore your smile and improve your confidence.

Your first visit

A successful tooth implant procedure requires a foundation of healthy bone and gums. Before starting the procedure, we’ll assess your health and work with you to create a cosmetic treatment plan suited towards you.

Expect your first visit to include an exam, x-rays, study models, and plenty of time to speak with your cosmetic dentist in Maryborough.

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