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Dentures in Maryborough

Whether you have multiple missing teeth or no teeth at all, dentures can be a great solution.

Are you thinking about replacing your missing teeth? Dentures can be a great affordable solution.

Dentists in Maryborough will guide you through a step-by-step process to provide dentures that are personally customised to you. Our dentures will help you to look the best, and eat your favourite foods comfortably without having to worry about your missing teeth. The best part is the dentures are made from material that blends in with the shape and color of your natural teeth, making them hard to notice.

Dentures for Elderly in Maryborough

Restore your bite and enhance your smile with partial or full dentures.

An affordable set of prosthetic teeth, created from the highest quality of porcelain or acrylic material. With new technology, Maryborough dentists will customise a set copying your natural shape and colour.

If you avoid replacing missing teeth, with time you may observe more problems arise. Not only do missing teeth affect smile and bite, but it also affects your speech, causes bone loss, increases your chance of gum infection, and encourages premature aging by making your facial features sag.

Types of dentures

Partial dentures are available for both front and back teeth. Full dentures can be used on upper and lower arch. Depending on your situation you may be eligible for same day dentures. Be in and out with your new look!

How much do denture’s cost?

Many patients choose dentures because of their affordability in comparison to other replacement options. The cost depends on what type of dentures you chose. You can also contact your health fund today to see if your dentures are covered under your funding.

How do I take care of my Dentures?

If you want to quickly apply dentures on your missing teeth, book an appointment or call us on (07) 4122 2110.

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