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Restore your smile & confidence with dental crowns & bridges

Restore your teeth with dental crowns & bridges

A dental crown is a ceramic/porcelain or Zirconia based covering for a tooth that has been immensely damaged or decayed. In most cases, patients seeking a missing tooth fix can get a custom-made dental bridge suited to their requirements. As such, the texture and colour can match the rest of the teeth and give your face a natural look after the replacement. 

The dental crown cost will vary depending on whether you have a private health fund and your individual circumstances, after you’ve had your dental check up we will provide you with a treatment plan and quote. 

Dental Crowns Maryborough

Is a dental crown right for you?

A dental crown can be used to improve your oral health and cover a number of cosmetic flaws in your tooth. They can be used to:

Replace missing teeth with dental bridges

A dental bridge is a prosthetic appliance that is used to replace missing teeth. Porcelain-based bridges are fused with metal to increase a tooth’s strength and chewing ability. Unlike crowns, a bridge is ideal if you have missing teeth, just like dentures

Replace missing teeth with dental bridges

Dental bridges can restore missing teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. They can provide many benefits, including:

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