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Extracting teeth is sometimes the best option for your oral health

A safe dental extraction at Maryborough Dental

Dental tooth extraction is a general dental procedure that can cause shivers on the very sound of it. But advancements in dental technology have made it so that wisdom tooth extractions and extractions of a decayed tooth are smooth and gentle.

We offer dental extractions to patients of all ages. At dental practice in Maryborough, you will be treated by the very best dentists with experience and knowledge of the latest procedures and technologies.

Tooth Extractions Maryborough

Maryborough Dental’s Gentle Touch

Ensure your treatment process is pain-free by choosing from our sedation options. Finish your treatment in an hour that gives you an easy recovery. Be back home in no time- as if you were never here in the first place. 

If you are feeling nervous about a tooth extraction, come in for a consultation or call us at 074122 2110 and our dentists in Maryborough can hopefully ease your nerves.


Even if you aren’t experiencing pain now, it might not stay that way. An examination by an expert dentist can give you a better understanding of what to do with painless wisdom teeth.
Avoid hard foods while your mouth is numb and don’t skip your prescriptions. Following your dentist’s advice on recovery will guarantee you the best possible outcome.
Tooth extractions roughly rake 1-2 weeks to heal given you have followed your dentists’ orders.

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