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You may hate the idea of needing a root canal. We understand. But we hope the following can give you a better understanding:
Root Canal Treatment Maryborough

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Here’s what you can expect during your root canal treatment at Maryborough Dental.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Avoid hard and chewy foods for the first couple of days or until the tooth starts to feel back to normal. You can even choose to brush with a softer toothbrush to not cause further irritation. If you have been given medication to take, please don’t skip it.
After a couple of days, everything should go back to normal, but some patients may have to wait a week or two to fully recover.
You might experience more pain at night due to the way you sleep. Make sure to keep your head elevated by adding another pillow or two. Pain at night is common because you are lying down so the blood rushes upwards towards your face and head.

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