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What are the teeth friendly foods?

Teeth Friendly Foods

There’s more to keeping your teeth strong and healthy than how well you clean them every day. Your diet plays a role that is just as important in preventing (and causing) tooth decay and gum disease.

Dentists always tell us to limit our sweets and sugary foods and drinks. That’s because when sugars and starches come in contact with the plaque on our teeth, they create acids that destroy your tooth enamel, which is the body’s hardest mineral substance (even stronger than bone), responsible for protecting the teeth against decay.

Here are some teeth-friendly foods to keep your pearly whites strong.

1. Dairy foods

One of the most recognised teeth-friendly food groups is dairy. High-calcium foods and drinks such as milk, yogurt and cheese, strengthen and restore the minerals in your teeth. This is especially important for growing children!

Calcium is also great for strengthening bones, which gives dentists another reason to recommend it. Your jawbones need strengthening too. Remember that dentists don’t just care about your teeth, but your whole mouth, including the jawbones that hold your teeth.

Low-fat dairy products are also filled with calcium, so skim milk and low-fat yogurts and cheese are just as good for your teeth.

2. High-fibre fruits and vegies

It’s not surprising that the foods healthiest for our teeth are the same foods best for our overall health. High-fiber fruits and vegetables help keep your teeth and gums clean. They keep saliva flowing, which is your body’s natural defence against tooth decay. Salvia rinses your mouth, neutralises acids, and protects your tooth enamel from weakening.

The best fruits include apples and pears, and the best vegetables are peas, beans, spinach and other leafy greens.

3. Chocolate

Best you didn’t expect to see chocolate on this list! Although we recommend you limit milk chocolate (because it’s sweetened), dark chocolate (70% cacao) is actually considered really healthy for your teeth.

While milk chocolate and other sugary sweets strip away the tooth enamel, dark chocolate contains CBH, a compound that hardens and strengthens the tooth enamel. So, dark chocolate is a healthier answer to any sugar-filled cravings you may have.

At Maryborough Dental, we’re focused on providing premium dental services in Queensland with the highest levels of customer service. Our dental practice has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to give all of our patients a comfortable dental experience. For more dental health tips, book an appointment with us today. Call (07) 4122 2110 or visit here.